Refund Policy

Pronumeris Training Centre programs are subject to the following refund policy:

1.Refunds before the training begins: 

  • Withdrawal at least 10 working days before the 1st day of the course, refund of total fee minus Rs. 2,000 administrative fee; 
  • Withdrawal from within 10 working days, but before 5 working days of the 1st day of the course 50% refund of the course fee;
  • Withdrawal within 5 working days of the 1st day of the course, no refund of the course fee; 

2.Refunds after the training begins:

  • If the training has already started the training fee will not be refundable.

3.Transfer place to a colleague:

  • If the trainee is unable to attend, the client may nominate a replacement trainee transferring his/her
    registration at any time before the first day of the course.

4.Cancellation of training by the institution:

  • In the event that the institution decides to cancel a scheduled training, the full training fees will be refunded to the