Pascal Quirin

Founder of Fitness Community and Sport Coach

About The Trainer

A long time sport enthusiast and an ex-athlete, Pascal is a fitness coach with more than 5 years of experience. He is passionate about helping people achieve their goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Pascal is the founder of Fitness Community; a sports group where he trains people of every age , gender and fitness level. 

Since 2022, Pascal is a certified massage therapist from Meditative Touch, India. He offers sport massage, another way to help people achieve their fitness goals and find their inner peace.

Upon Request

Corporate Wellness Program

Course Details
Workshop Synopsis

Studies have shown that Corporate Wellness training does much more than improve employees health and morale. It leads to increase productivity and decrease health care costs. A healthy environment could improve self-development, productivity, attitude and mindset as well as relationship to a team/company.

Course objectives
Improve employee engagement

When companies create a culture focused on employee wellness, they typically have a more engaged workforce.

Improve morale

A wellness program can help improve the morale of your entire team, as participating in one can create feelings of satisfaction among employees.

Reduce Stress

While stress does occur in the workplace, a wellness program can help to reduce or eliminate prolonged stress.

Improve teamwork

When employees work as well as part of a team, they’re more productive and the quality of their work also improves.

Attract new talents

Research shows that many job seekers include wellness programs on the list of benefits are extremely important to them.